As part of our industrial action members have been advised to adhere strictly to the school Working Time Agreement.

Whole School Calendar Spreadsheet

The WTA Calendar spreadsheet will help in plotting agreed core activities and ensure that members can adhere to the 35 hour week.

This is a basic check that the overall allocation does not exceed 195 hours and that in any given week there are not whole school activities which would automatically breach the 35 hours limit.

  1. Enter holidays and in-service days
  2. Enter agreed WTA core (whole school) collegiate activities onto the spreadsheet
  3. Enter time required in CC column
  4. Enter balance of the 5 hours in DP column
  5. This should then be matched with Department/Subject Calendars to identify action points

Time for SQA activities including the marking of SQA unit assessments should NOT be considered as part of the individual teacher's preparation and correction time. It should be accounted for in the collegiate hours as part of the WTA.  

Whole school calendar spreadsheet 

Subject/Department SQA Calendar

One of the challenges of WTAs is that whilst the overall figures may theoretically allocate time for all relevant activities, within departments the time for many areas of work is insufficient to meet the actual time demands.

Carrying out a departmental audit, therefore, is crucial to creating the evidence base for the challenging excessive workload.

  1. At subject/department level assess the time required for each element of the SQA work - unit assessment marking for Nat 5 and Higher, verification, moderation and any SQA development work
  2. Quantify the mean or average amount of time for a class set of marking
  3. On the planning calendar spreadsheet under the column heading enter the data
    • Identify the activity
    • Deadline for completion
    • Round up/down the hours
    • What hours are available from 5 collegiate hours in a week to do this
    • Has any additional time been freed up for this
    • Note: Hours may be spread over several weeks and deadlines extended
  4. Deficit column should read 0. If not action is required.

The planning calendar can also be used to audit and plot ALL department work, including department meetings and should be matched against the school calendar. 

Department/Subject specific calendar spreadsheet

Not Enough Time

This worked example spreadsheet for 2015-16 shows time for SQA arrangements after the Core Calendar had been set. The Professional Audit process above will show whether the available time "left over” in the DP column is sufficient.  If not, action is required.