Result of Statutory Ballot for Strike Action Received 10 April 2017

The statutory ballot was held for EIS members that are lecturers employed at the 20 FE colleges that have signed the NRPA and thus party to the NJNC (national FE bargaining (Scotland)). The statutory ballot for industrial action consisting of strike action in pursuit of the implementation of the March 2016 NJNC Agreement is set out below:

 Result of Voting


No of entitled members to vote  



 No of Yes votes



 No of No votes



 No of spoilt paper






Whether or not the number of votes cast in the ballot is at least 50% of the number of individuals who were entitled to vote in the ballot - YES

The Independent Scrutineers’ Report for the EIS FELA Statutory Ballot on NJNC Dispute may be downloaded below. 


Read the Scrutineers' Report for the EIS FELA Statutory Ballot NJNC Dispute here