1. If I vote yes, will my union subscriptions go up?

NO, your union subscriptions will not be affected by the ballot result.

2. I am not interested in politics, why should I vote yes?

This ballot is not about party politics, but about our union having a political voice, to defend the profession and protect the welfare of teachers and lecturers across Scotland.

3. Does my money go towards a political party?

NO - the EIS political fund does not pay into or contribute to any political party. The EIS has always been and will continue to be, completely politically independent and free of party political affiliation.

4. The EIS should focus on members' terms and conditions, we don't need a political fund.

YES, we do. The EIS is a campaigning union and a yes vote in the ballot will allow us to continue our work in this important field.

In order to defend our members’ interests in Scottish Parliament, UK parliament and on all matters of government policy and legislation, the law requires trade unions to have a political fund. Without such a fund, we could be prevented from lobbying to change policies or legislation which affect our members' working lives.

5. Would a YES vote mean a change in EIS policy?

NO, the EIS already has a political fund but the law requires a ballot of the trade union membership every 10 years to maintain a political fund.

6. Will it be a secret ballot?

YES, independent scrutineers will ensure the ballot is conducted according to strict rules and individual votes are completely confidential.

7. How do we vote?

You will receive a ballot paper to your home address which will include a return envelope and instructions on how to cast your vote.

8. What does the political fund pay for?

It supports EIS campaigns on important issues such as; social justice, early years education, workload, changes to the National Qualifications, reducing class sizes, investment in ASN provision and the impact of poverty on attainment.

Our political fund allows us to campaign on issues that affect our members working lives and those of the children and young people they teach. Examples of recent work include the child poverty survey and the launch of our 'Myths of Immigration' booklets.

Without a political fund the EIS's ability to campaign on these issues would be seriously restricted.

9. How much is the EIS political fund?

The amount is £1.80 per year.

10. I don’t pay the political fund. Why should I vote Yes?

While the EIS will always be a trade union first and foremost, we are also a professional association with a commitment to campaign for, promote and defend education in the political arena.

By voting yes you enable the EIS to continue to campaign for Scottish education, it’s teachers, lecturers, pupils and students, while retaining your democratic right to opt out.