21st January 2015 

The Teachers’ Panel of the SNCT has intimated a pay claim for Teachers and Associated Professionals governed by SNCT terms and conditions for 2015-16.

There are two elements to the pay claim. Firstly, there is a cost of living element and secondly, there is a restorative element which takes into account the fact that teachers’ pay levels have declined. The total value of the claim is 5%.

In addition to a restorative pay rise, the Teachers’ Panel is seeking to secure full restoration of supply teachers’ conditions and rates of pay. Further, teacher numbers, in line with pupil rolls as established by the 2011-13 Pay and Conditions Agreement have to be maintained and concrete agreements at national and local level to reduce teacher workload have to be established.

The first meeting of the Extended Joint Chairs of the SNCT to take forward these negotiations took place on Monday 15 December 2014. Further meetings took place in early January 2015. 


Updates will be posted as soon as they develop.