The Tackling Bureaucracy Survey for Reps was opened on 12th September 2014 and closed on 20th October 2014.

The survey comprised of twelve questions, covering topics such as whether the report was distributed, and how it was implemented. The ‘Tackling Bureaucracy’ report was the key focus of the survey. The questions also covered detail such as the ‘School Improvement Plan’, and ways in which ‘Working Time Agreements’ were affected. 

The General Secretary, Larry Flanagan, made use of the survey results in the recently reconvened Tackling Bureaucracy Working Group. He commented, "Whilst the results indicate a limited impact in terms of the report, there is an obvious correlation between some progress being made and school branches holding meetings to discuss the key messages. Acting together is clearly of crucial importance."

Please click this link to download the report: 

Tackling Bureaucracy Report Reps Survey 2014