The EIS University Lecturers’ Association (EIS - ULA), has launched a new toolkit for university lecturers to help combat work-related stress.

The new guide, entitled the EIS-ULA Stress Toolkit, will be sent out to members and university HR departments in the coming weeks.

The toolkit has been produced in response to some worrying issues identified in a Health & Wellbeing survey commissioned by the EIS. The results of the survey showed that 93% of EIS-ULA members reported experiencing some level of work-related stress and 33% of lecturers stated that they felt stressed all the time.

Workload has significantly increased in the university sector in recent years with serious implications for members’ work-life balance. Many lecturers are increasingly working during evenings, weekends and holiday periods.

The toolkit sets out employers’ responsibilities in protecting their employees from workplace stress along with advice on how members can identify potential hazards which may be causing stress and highlights strategies which can be implemented so the risk of these hazards may be reduced.

Commenting on the launch, EIS-ULA President, Dr Vaughan Ellis, said; "This toolkit is a valuable resource which will allow University lecturers to be more aware of potential hazards and how best to manage their workload to ensure they have a healthy work-life balance."

Dr Ellis went on to say; "Reducing workplace stress will not only improve members’ health and wellbeing, but will also help foster a sound environment for learning and teaching, which is in the best interests of staff and students alike."