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You can find a copy of the pay offer here.

The EIS-ULA Executive recommends that you vote yes for industrial action up to and including strike action in this consultative ballot.

Following negotiations with university employers (UCEA) at New JNCHES earlier this year, your negotiators have been unable to persuade the employers to raise their pay uplift offer of 1.1% for 2016-17.

Your EIS negotiators, together with negotiators from UCU, Unison, Unite and GMB have tried every argument. They have outlined how HE staff’s real pay has fallen behind in the last four years, and how the living standards of our members are falling as our members’ workload increases.

 Recent Pay Rises at New JNCHES

 HE Pay Settlements for Academic Staff

RPI at Pay Implementation 

 August 2010- July 2011



 August 2011- July 2012



 August 2012- July 2013



 August 2013 - July 2014



 August 2014 – July 2015



 August 2015 – July 2016




A pay uplift of 1.1% for 2016-17 would lead to a seventh successive real terms cut in pay for HE staff, since RPI is currently 1.3%.  For academic staff, recent pay uplifts have led to a real terms cut of over 15% in the value of lecturers’ pay.

Universities can afford to pay more – their annual accounts show most are spending proportionally less on staff now than four years ago, and are using that money to fund capital improvements.

Universities are also consistently choosing to pay their senior staff more than the pay increases agreed for lecturers at New JNCHES. The latest available figures show that vice-chancellors pay rose by 5.4% in one year.

The 2016-17 Employers pay offer has also been rejected by the UCU, Unison and Unite. The UCU carried out its statutory ballot during 2016-17 pay negotiations and recently began its industrial action campaign.

The EIS urges you to vote "YES” for a campaign of industrial action in this consultative ballot – consisting of industrial action up to and including strike action with the other HE unions, in order to secure an improved pay offer.


If a clear majority of EIS members vote Yes then the EIS will issue a statutory ballot for industrial action up to and including strike action in pursuit of an improved pay offer.

If a majority of EIS members vote No then the EIS would accept the pay offer of 1.1%


Please be aware this pay deal does not apply to SRUC, UHI or RCS.