How the cuts affect you

Reports of cuts from across the education sector
An Area Educational Psychologist retired with no replacement and did not apparently count as part of a 20% cut to the service. Another main-grade Educational Psychologist was promoted to Principal when post became vacant, but was not replaced. This has lead to a major reorganisation of the service with many staff having to regularly travel longer distances and some having to stay overnight. Fewer main-grade EPs means time allocated to schools and families has had to be stretched even further and development work such as training and research is squeezed even further. Cuts to the Educational Psychologist Service also has an effect on our education system, particularly for the most needy and/or vulnerable pupils.
Two pre-school home visiting teachers retired with no replacement. The areas for the home visiting teachers have become vast and families will receive blocks of shorter periods of time rather than regular visits. The time that can be given to supporting nurseries with these children with ASN has also been compromised. 
Cuts to the Art Dept budget mean I can no longer run the courses I normally do for S1 - S6 (including clay, printing, textile work). Pupils are now missing out on a variety of essential learning experiences in Art & Design. 
The future is not looking good. We are told that our budget next year will be much less. I honestly do not know how we will cope.
S3 pupils have a restricted course choice. They cannot study 2 languages. This used to be an option. Our council no longer has foreign language assistants. They were a valuable resource.
We are unable to offer the courses we offered a few years ago because of lack of funding.
Pupils have been given less choice of subjects. Courses have been cancelled. In Computing the head teacher cancelled the PC Passport course.
Teaching term will be cut by four weeks i.e. students finish college in the middle of May instead of the middle of June. We are still expected to teach the full curriculum.
Authority is planning the removal of 45 computers from the school. Such action seems stupid considering the equipment is already in school and departments already pay for ink & paper etc.
The school can’t afford to pay in-service for temporary staff so either we come in without pay or miss out on essential training and preparation.
Piano tuner’s SLC contract has been cut. (Head teacher hasn’t been informed.) Our 2 pianos will no longer be tuned, twice a year. This is an ill thought out cut - to replace a piano that has not been maintained will cost thousands, and music dept can’t function without maintained equipment! No
shows, assemblies, concerts, practical exams - if the piano needs fixed.
CPD budget has been cut drastically - all teaching staff have been asked to carefully consider whether they really need to do the type of CPD that costs money...
Cover for cross-curricular projects and extra-curricular projects have at times been denied. Previously, management was very supportive of these.
Specialist assistants for pupils with ASN have been cut and teachers asked to share classes with other teachers who have gone through a reduction in their contracted hours.
Supply teachers are only brought in if really necessary.
Instead, teachers’ non-contact times in excess of minimum requirements are being used as far as possible. Consequently, teachers are finding it harder to fulfil all the demands of their job.
Since the start of term, we have lost 1.5 Support Staff in the reorganisation, in spite of the fact that we have more challenging children coming to the school who require support; staff are being disadvantaged as are the children in the class who do not have specific needs. Learning Support has to be managed within the school and as time is very limited, many children have to do without. This has had an impact on the whole school and the remaining clerical staff are seeing an increase in their workload.
Our assigned First Aider is now only with us 12 hours per week, the head teacher is being forced to cover the medical room over lunchtime as the remaining support staff are required to supervise in the playground. 
Our Principal Teacher retired in June and as the post is frozen, the HT and DHT have had to pick up her remit. Also staff have had to be part of or in many cases lead Working Parties.

Staff have time on their timetables but this will be used for "library periods” to cover staff illness. Probationers are being used in place of appointing full time permanent posts.
PT Home Economics not replaced after retirement. PT Teaching time not replaced. Department has gone from 2.5 teachers to 1.8
Teachers are now carrying out many of the tasks formerly done by the PT, placing extra burden on teaching and learning as teachers are trying to carry out too many roles at once.
Non specialist teachers being used to supplement teaching. This can be quite demoralising for qualified specialist teachers.
More planned job losses and departments amalgamated with similar backgrounds e.g. Business and Computing, Home Ec with technology etc.
Many teachers are finding it difficult to progress in their jobs into management positions particular if departments are merged and PT roles removed.