Education cuts - your experiences

"We have numerous classrooms with inadequate lighting because we are told that lightbulbs will no longer be replaced until 50% of them are not working. We have rooms where carpets are coming away from the floor and provide a real hazard."
"Inadequate preparation for Curriculum for Excellence. It is impossible to move forward with this without some quality in-service being offered. There seems to be no leadership at all. Even time given for members to visit other departments in other schools would be an improvement."
"Cuts in materials, e.g. books, pencils, pens, reprographic materials. Departmental budgets have been cut, so books cannot be bought. We have gone from having nice workbooks for pupils to write in (two years ago) to our own homework sheets (not to be written on; must be handed back in). Similarly, pupils 2 years ago were allowed to take the books home in our department; now they are kept in the department since we don’t have the replacement costs - this means pupils lose out on revision and homework from the book used."
"Our portacabin was condemned over a year ago but the council have made no effort to do anything to improve the facility"
"For the past two years in a row we have run out of paper completely and had to ask the PTA to supply us with more paper. We have run out of jotters, pens, pencils, glue - all the staples needed for teaching in a Primary School."




NB: Names and addresses have been supplied for all comments used. All contributors, schools, colleges and universities have been anonymised to protect the identity of those who have provided this information. For the same reason, some editing has also been carried out.