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Secretary's Weekly Update - 11th Dec 2017

  1. Christmas Pay Date- The paid date for the December salary isThursday, 21st Decemberand not the scheduled pay date of Thursday, 28th December. The payroll submission deadline for additional hours worked i.e. supported study and teachers on timesheets, isFriday, 8th December. Colleagues should have been forwarded a staffing communication or link which will be available online with details of all recent staffing matters.
  2. Committee of Management– your local committee meets on a monthly basis to take forward local issues. If you’d like to get involved in the Committee please look out for the election details early in January. If your branch would like a member of the local committee, Organiser, Area Officer or Office Bearer to meet with your branch about pay or any other matters please let me know.
  3. Absence Cover –colleagues with questions about absence cover should refer to the LNCT advicehere. Please discuss with your SMT whether a supply teacher has been requested as I have been advised that it appears not all absences see a supply teacher sought and whilst teachers are low in numbers there are some available and GCC continue to recruit new supply teachers on a regular basis.
  4. SNSA– GCC have assured us that advice on how to carry out the new standardised assessments is in line with EIS policy. Please contact this office if you have any questions about how the assessments are being implemented in your school.
  5. Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees – Christmas Toy Appeal. The Local Association have made donations to this appeal for a number of years. Please support our Refugee Toys in Scotland Festive Season so that children’s toys and gifts can be bought and distributed to them. Every gift is both an act of welcoming kindness and a challenge to racism. Please give generously. You can donate on Facebook through thiscrowdfunder link.

Fact of the Week

EIS members can receive independent financial advice from EIS Financial Services in more than pensions. You’ll find their details here:https://www.eisfs.co.uk/


EIS Council Elections 2018/19

Nomination form, Election Statement,Election Guidelines.

Tax Relief - EIS & GTCS Subscriptions

If you’re wondering what you are going to do with your break why not claim tax relief on your EIS and GTCS subs. Click or tap here for a letter which outlines how to do this and included relevant information on fees.

Members Subject to Complaints

Local authorities, Colleges and Universities have a duty to investigate complaints. Members subject to such investigation are advised to co-operate and to seek early advice and support from their EIS Representative.

Tap or click here to download a booklet for all members who are subject to complaints and to situations where the complaints are believed to be spurious, vexatious, or malicious.

EIS Prevent Duty Guidance & Governance Review Response

These important documents have been issued by EIS HQ. Both documents respond to areas that we would encourage branches to discuss and in relation to the governance review to them make individual or collective submissions to the Scottish Government. Prevent Duty Guidance      Response to Governance Review

From LNCT Joint Secretaries:-

Advice Note on Absence Cover

The LNCT has considered over the past months the issues establishments raise around the impact of shortage of supply teachers. At the most recent meeting of the JTCF it was agreed that a joint advice note would be produced to assist schools in handling the difficulties of teacher absences with no cover. Click or tap to download the advice note.

Work Load and Tackling Bureaucracy 

The Joint Secretaries of the LNCT have been charged with reporting on the progress of the reducing workload and tackling bureaucracy strand of SNCT Appendix 2 Part 2.18.

In order to take this forward we have previously issued advice, in February and again in August, on how schools should be demonstrating their plans for tackling these issues by including details within the SIP.

However, the audit of SIPs and WTAs show that the majority of establishments have not included their plans within these documents and as a result we are unable to report accurately in this area. To that end click or tap to download a proforma to allow you to inform us of your plans.

Unions into schools

For over 10 years the STUC, supported by our affiliated trade unions, have visited schools across Scotland explaining to young people what trade unions do and our role in the workplace and wider civic society, at home and abroad.

In addition to school visits, participating schools have had the opportunity to attend Congress, the STUC’s Trade Union Week in the Parliament and, in 2016, we held our 3rd Songs Festival, supported by the EIS, at Hillhead High School in Glasgow, where pupils showcased their songs highlighting issues on social justice and their own experiences.

To find out more you can download this information sheet or check the STUC webpage.

Interim Advice Note on the National Improvement Framework

Interim advice has been issued from national HQ, it can be downloaded here.


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