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Podcast January 2010 - Helen Connor, EIS President

March & Rally, 6 March 2010, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

EIS President Helen Connor
urges support for campaign

The EIS is currently running a campaign with the slogan "Why must our Children pay?”.

We started this campaign because we are aware across the country that there are major cuts in local authorities in lots of ways, either in support staff, in class sizes, in resources and, in some local authorities, in teachers themselves.

This is just the beginning of what I think will be a fairly long-term campaign for the EIS and the first major event is on Saturday 6 March in Glasgow. It will be a March and Rally, starting at Kelvingrove Park, assembling at 10.30 am, probably taking off at about 11 o'clock.

We would like to encourage every EIS member to come on the March, but also to get parents, children, Quality Improvement Officers, anybody linked to education at all, to come along and join us because we feel that we are beginning the first major fight-back against the cuts in education across the country.

It is deliberately called "Why must our Children pay?” because we don't feel that the future generations of this country should be paying for the mistakes of the financial institutions or the mistakes of governments in the past.

We will be providing support to local associations for transport. We will be providing publicity. The website will be updated regularly. We also hope to be able to give you the facility to e-mail to us information about what is going on in your own establishment.

The key message from this is that we need to have tens of thousands of people on the streets on 6 March to give the message to the current government that we will not sit back and accept the deterioration of education in this country.

Helen Connor

EIS President

January 2010


Please give your full support to this campaign

March and Rally

6 March

Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

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