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News Release

EIS welcomes additional support for CfE implementation


The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) has welcomed the Scottish Government’s announcement of additional support to help teachers in the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence. The EIS has been calling for additional time for teachers to prepare for CfE, and views the allocation of an additional in-service day as a significant step forward.

Commenting on the announcement by Cabinet Secretary Mike Russell, EIS General Secretary Ronnie Smith said, "The EIS supports Curriculum for Excellence, but has raised concerns over the scarcity of dedicated time for teachers to work on the implementation of CfE. The announcement today of an additional in-service day to allow all teachers to work on CfE is a significant step forward in the implementation process.

"The EIS has had a number of meetings with the Cabinet Secretary in recent months to highlight teachers’ concerns over aspects of CfE delivery, and it is encouraging that Mike Russell has taken those concerns on board and is working to address them. CfE has much to offer our young people, and it is right that we should do everything we can to ensure that it can be a success.”

Mr Smith continued, "This additional in-service day, coupled with an additional three million pounds of CfE funding which was announced recently, demonstrate that the Scottish Government recognises that CfE must be properly supported and resourced. This is a welcome development for teachers who had been growing increasing concerned about the level of investment in CfE. It is important that the recent constructive dialogue between the Cabinet Secretary and the EIS can continue, and that there is careful monitoring of CfE funding and resources to ensure that they are making a difference at school level.”

Commenting on another announcement today – that the National Assessment Bank (NAB) will be switched off at the end of June – Mr Smith said, "Teachers will be especially pleased that the outdated National Assessment Bank will be switched off at the end of this school session. The NAB is wholly incompatible with the Curriculum for Excellence, and its continuing use by some local authorities has been hampering and delaying teachers’ work on the implementation of CfE. The closure of the NAB is long overdue, and it is positive that teachers can now move forward with their work on CfE unencumbered by this outdated remnant of the old 5-14 system. The new National Assessment Resource, due to be launched in September, is intended to provide resource materials which are far more relevant to CfE and the new ways of working in schools.”