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New Release - 28 Feb 2011

EIS Launches Day of Action against cuts to Further Education

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) has called for a ‘Day of Action’ throughout the Further Education in Scotland for 01 March 2011.

The Day of Action is in response to the cuts announced for 2011-12 which amount to a 10.4% cut to teaching grants across Scotland’s colleges and a 52% cut to capital spending.

EIS General Secretary Ronnie Smith said, "The Day of Action" is an opportunity for FE lecturers to highlight the damaging effects of these cuts which will diminish the provision of an effective further education service to tens of thousands of Scottish students.”

He continued, "These cuts will damage Scotland’s ability to educate and train workers and students and will have a devastating impact on Scotland’s ability to generate the skilled workers needed for a successful, dynamic and modern economy. 

"In current economic conditions, Further Education plays a crucial role in providing education and training that allows students to enter, or re-enter, the workplace with the necessary skills to prosper.”

"The EIS believes that cuts in FE will lead to increasing numbers of young people not getting the training and education that they need. 
"This will lead to an increase in youth unemployment, which is already at alarming levels, and a reduction in social mobility.”

Mr Smith added, "The EIS calculates that the cuts to Further Education that have already been announced equate to around a thousand lecturers across Scotland.  The EIS opposes compulsory redundancies and the flawed argument that Scotland needs fewer FE lecturers. 

"FE lecturers are well-qualified and experienced staff who are the backbone of the Scottish College sector – they should be supported rather than discarded at a time when they are needed most.”

Mr Smith continued "Education is not a cost to society but an investment for society.  Cuts to education budgets damage society, and the EIS believes that they should be opposed.”

"Lecturers throughout Scotland’s FE Colleges will use their Day of Action on 1st March to raise awareness of the cuts to Further Education and outline their dire consequences. 

"This will be achieved by handing out leaflets and flyers in colleges and public places, holding meetings, manning information stalls, signing an e-petition against the cuts, and encouraging students and members of the public to contact their local college Board of Management, MSPs and the local media to raise awareness of the cuts and to begin opposing them,” said Mr Smith.

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