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Further Education Lecturers Association

The Further Education Lecturers Association (EIS-FELA) is a self-governing organisation within the EIS and is constitutionally autonomous in respect of the distinct interests of their members in the further education sector in Scotland.

All members are full members of the EIS and enjoy all the same benefits.

The EIS-FELA is the sole representative body for lecturing staff in Scotland. There is a branch of the EIS-FELA in every further education college in Scotland. The branch is an essential part of the EIS-FELA as it is responsible for conducting negotiations with college managements on pay and conditions of service.
EIS-FELA is serviced by the Further and Higher Education Section of the Organisation Department at EIS Headquarters. Support for members in colleges is provided by the branch secretary in the college, area office and EIS Headquarters.
The business of the Association is conducted by an Executive Committee which has full powers to regulate and transact the affairs of the Association within the Constitution and the Rules and Regulations of the Institute.

The policies of the Association follows policies are determined by the Annual Conference. Members of the National Executive Committee are elected annually according to four geographical constituencies: North (4); South (2); East (4); West (8).
The EIS-FELA membership also elects the EIS-FELA Office Bearers, President and Vice-President annually.
For all information and guidance relating to Gender Equality Duty for Further Education Colleges and Higher Education Institutions please use the EC Website.