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college contacts



City Campus Charles Oakley
300 Cathedral Street, Glasgow G1 2TA
Tel: 0141 552 3941
Riverside Campus
21 Thistle Street, Glasgow, G5 9XB
Tel: 0141 565 2500 Fax: 0141 565 2599
City Campus
60 Hanover Street, Glasgow G1 2BP
Tel: 0141 566 6222 Fax: 0141 566 6226
Principal: Mr Paul Little
Branch Secretary: Sheila Meikle (City Campus Charles Oakley)
Branch Convener: Jim O'Donovan (City Campus Charles Oakley)
Depute Secretary: Vacant
Depute Convener: Alan McLachlan (City Campus Charles Oakley)
Health & Safety Rep:

Sheila Meikle (City Campus)
Jill Fisher
Scott McCabe

Union Learning Rep: Sheila Meikle (City Campus Charles Oakley)
Minute Secretary Sean Crossan (City Campus Charles Oakley)
Treasurer Brian Welsh (City Campus Charles Oakley)
BoM Staff Rep: David Eaton (City Campus Charles Oakley)



Dumfries and Galloway College
College Gate,Bankend Road, Dumfries DG1 4FD
Tel: 01387 734000 Fax: 01387 734040
Principal: Ms Carol Turnbull
Branch Secretary: Ian White
Branch Convener: Ian Taylor
Depute Secretary: Yeolande Davies
Depute Convener: Peter Woods
Health & Safety Rep: David Denholm
Union Learning Rep: Vacant
BoM Staff Rep: Ian White



Angus College
Keptie Road, Arbroath DD11 3EA
Tel: 01241 432600 Fax: 01241 876169

Dundee College
Old Glamis Road, Dundee DD3 8LE
Tel: 01382 834834 Fax: 01382 858117
Principal: Grant Ritchie
Branch Secretaries: Gregor McGillivray  (Kingsway Campus)
Branch Convener: Yvonne Cargill (Arbroath Campus)
Health & Safety Rep: George McAteer (Arbroath Campus)
Gerry McMenemy (Kingsway Campus)
Union Learning Rep: Susan McAvoy (Gardyne Campus)
Deborah Thom (Gardyne Campus)
BoM Staff Rep: Alan O'Neill ( Gardyne Campus)