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RPA Agreements / Branch Rules

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21 July 2016
FELA Branch Organising
This Organising handbook provides a suggested framework for EIS- FELA branches to work, grow and develop.
27 March 2013
Recognition and Procedures Agreement between the Board of Management of the College and The Educational Institute of Scotland/Further Education Lecturers Association (College Branch)
27 March 2013
Guidance on Branch Rules *
The reorganisation of Scottish FE along the lines of merger, federation and collaboration may require branches to either amend their branch rules or develop bespoke practices.
27 March 2013
Model EIS-FELA Branch Rules *
Extract from the EIS-FELA Constitution
01 May 2007
College Boards of Management: Guidance for Elected Staff Members *
As the recognised trade union for lecturing staff in every college in Scotland, the EISFELA expects that every college will have an EIS-FELA member elected to the Board of Management.
01 May 2007
Dealing with College Restructuring Proposals: Guidelines for Branch Negotiators *
During the years since incorporation most, if not all, Further Education Colleges in the sector have undergone structural change. This change is usually a direct result of financial difficulties.
01 May 2007
Lecturer Workload for Branch Negotiators *
This paper has been developed to assist local negotiations and provide a context which EIS-FELA negotiators can submit for consideration by local Joint Negotiating Committees (JNCs).
01 May 2007
Permanisation of Lecturing Staff: Guidance for Branch Negotiators *
Permanisation of Lecturing Staff: Guidance for Branch Negotiators. The Regulations prevent fixed term employees being treated less favourably than similar permanent employees, and limit the use of successive fixed term contracts.