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Equality Publications

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01 March 2016
Supporting Trans Workers
PUBLICATION: The STUC have produced this important guide for supporting Trans Employees at work.
13 January 2016
Clarification of EIS Position on Statutory LGBTI+ Curriculum
PUBLICATION: Responding to recent comments in the press
12 January 2016
Submission: Statutory Teaching of LGBTI+ Issues
SUBMISSION: Responding to Scottish Parliament Public Petition PE1573
19 October 2012
Gypsy and Travellers
PUBLICATION; ANTI-RACISM: There is no one simple definition of Gypsy/Traveller. There are minority ethnic, professional, trade, craft and business communities which travel, each with a rich history, culture, religion, dialect or language.
16 December 2010
Poverty and Education Report 2010
PUBLICATION; POVERTY: At the AGM of 2008, the Institute took the decision to re-examine why the blight of poverty continued to have a detrimental impact on the educational opportunities of a worryingly high proportion of young Scots.
17 March 2010
Impact on Children and Young People of Abuse/Violence in the Home
PUBLICATION; ANTI-ABUSE: Teachers and other EIS members working in educational establishments must follow the guidelines of their authorities to protect children who are subject to direct abuse/violence or emotional or sexual abuse.
15 January 2009
For Better or For Worse? Scotland Transformed 1980 - 2008
For Better or For Worse? Scotland Transformed 1980 - 2008
01 May 2007
Teaching Children from Refugee and Asylum seeking Families
PUBLICATION; ANTI-RACISM: Very vulnerable children, many of whom have fled from terrible experiences are being educated in mainstream schools
01 September 2006
Breaking Down the Barriers: Sectarianism
PUBLICATION; RELIGION: The committee decided that it would refer to Catholic/Protestant sectarianism.
01 October 2004
Breaking Down the Barriers: Gender Jigsaw
PUBLICATION; GENDER: As knowledge of teaching and learning improves, it is accompanied by changes in organisation, teaching methods, assessment and curricula, and a greater awareness and understanding of the barriers to education and learning.
01 March 2002
Poverty, Anti-Racism, Lesbian/Gay Equality Report
PUBLICATION: The EIS has been a major contributor to the debate on the development of comprehensive education in Scotland and in particular the aim of equality of opportunity, access and outcome for all young people.