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Secondary Teachers in West Dunbartonshire Strike

Monday, 11 January 2016

Secondary teachers in West Dunbartonshire went on strike on Tuesday, 12 January over restructuring plans which will:

  • cut the number of Depute Headteacher posts
  • cut Principal teacher posts from subject departments
  • and cut the number of pastoral care posts in each of the authority’s Secondary schools. 

The EIS recently balloted its Secondary members in West Dunbartonshire on the council’s proposals and 88% of those voting supported a move to industrial action.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "Secondary teachers in West Dunbartonshire are making a stand in opposition to cuts that will have a long-term damaging impact on education provision in all West Dunbartonshire Secondary schools.

"This management ‘restructuring’ of Secondary schools is, in reality, a financially driven cut that will have serious implications for pupils and teachers in West Dunbartonshire.

"The move to a so-called Faculty structure would result in a loss of specialist leadership in subject departments, and a diminution of the support available to teachers and pupils alike.

"This would lead to an increase in the already severe workload of class teachers, and a loss of departmental leadership and support for pupils in areas such as meeting SQA assessment requirements and preparation for external examinations.

"Added to this, the Council’s plans to cut Pastoral care posts would have a disproportionate negative impact on more vulnerable pupils and on those young people who require specialist additional support to make the most of their learning."

Mr Flanagan concluded, "We are asking the ruling Labour Group on West Dunbartonshire Council to agree to a review if its decision and to enter into constructive talks with the EIS local association in order to prevent the dispute escalating."


NEW: Photos from the picket-line and meeting

 West Dunbartonshire picket-line
 West Dunbartonshire chamber meeting
 West Dunbartonshire chamber meeting
 West Dunbartonshire chamber meeting