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Gwen Mayor Trust - A Memorial Charity for Nursery & Primary Schools

Friday 11 March 2016

It is now almost exactly twenty years since the tragedy when sixteen young children and their teacher were murdered in Dunblane primary school, with many others injured.

While the community of Dunblane has taken great pains to move on from the horror of the 13th of March 1996, the victims cannot and will not ever be forgotten.

We will always remember the victims of the Dunblane tragedy and their families, and we can continue to honour their memory by facing the future in a positive and constructive way.

The teacher who was killed beside 16 of her primary one pupils that Dunblane teacher, Gwen Mayorday was Gwen Mayor. In the days and weeks following the tragedy, there was demand from members of the EIS for a fitting memorial to Mrs Mayor and the pupils who had died.

After a succession of financial pledges, both from EIS members as well as from other organisations across the country, the EIS, with the support of the Mayor family, established the Gwen Mayor Trust.

The aim of the Trust was to provide financial support for the type of projects which were important to Gwen Mayor and her primary one pupils.

Since its inception, the Gwen Mayor Trust has supported a diverse range of arts, cultural, community and sports based projects in primary schools across Scotland.

Commenting on the reasons for the establishment of the Trust, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "Gwen Mayor was a passionate and dedicated educator, who was truly committed to providing the very best for the pupils with whom she worked. It was this spirit which led to the establishment of a charitable trust in honour of the memory of Gwen Mayor and her pupils."

Today, the positive work of the Gwen Mayor Trust continues. All nursery and primary schools across Scotland are eligible to apply for funding from the Trust.

Over the past two decades over 200 school-based cultural, sporting and community projects across Scotland have benefited from assistance from the Gwen Mayor Trust and the total funding allocated is approaching £100,000.

As the Trust allocates only interest accrued from the investment of the initial substantial contributions, the Trust continues to remain active despite a lower level of donation income in recent years.

The Gwen Mayor Trust welcomes all financial contributions as a means to ensure that the positive work carried out by the Trust in memory of Gwen Mayor and her pupils can continue long into the future.

More About the Gwen Mayor Trust

The decision to establish the Gwen Mayor Trust was taken following the demand from EIS members for a fitting memorial to the victims of the Dunblane tragedy.

Following the formal establishment of the Gwen Mayor Trust as a charity, the initial grants were awarded in late 1998. The Trust welcomes all financial contributions.

Schools, parent organisations and others are encouraged to consider donating money raised in fundraising events to allow the Gwen Mayor Trust to continue its important work in supporting arts, cultural, sporting and community projects for primary school pupils across Scotland.

The bank details for donations to the Gwen Mayor Trust are as follows:

  • The Royal Bank Of Scotland
  • Castle Street Branch
  • Sort Code 831844
  • Account No 00118240
  • Name - Educational Institute of Scotland - Gwen Mayor Trust