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Victory in Glasgow Colleges' Strike, but National Pay Dispute Continues

Friday 18 March 2016

The EIS has today (Friday) welcomed the news that the three Glasgow Further Education colleges have signed the National Recognition and Procedure Agreement (NRPA).

Members of the EIS Further Education Lecturers’ Association (FELA) staged a day of strike action yesterday (Thursday 17 March) in protest at the refusal by these colleges to sign up for the national bargaining process.

EIS-FELA Industrial Action Campaign 2016

Commenting on the news today, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "This u-turn by the three Glasgow colleges in the face of EIS-FELA strike action marks a significant early victory in the campaign for fair pay in all Scottish colleges.

"The Glasgow colleges had refused to sign up to the national bargaining process, in the mistaken belief that this would remove them from their obligations on a fair pay offer.

"The strike action by our members has forced a quick change of mind on the part of the Glasgow colleges, and the EIS welcomes this development today."

Mr Flanagan added, "While these Glasgow disputes are now settled the national action in pursuit of a fair national pay offer and pay equality in all colleges will continue.

"Two days of strike action in this campaign are planned for next week, and these will take place in all colleges where lecturers have been balloted as part of the national dispute.

"Lecturers in the three Glasgow colleges, who are not currently part of the national action, will now be re-balloted as soon as possible to allow them to join their colleagues across Scotland in future strike days as part of the national campaign for fair pay."


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