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EIS AGM Debates to Feature a Wide Range of Educational Issues

Monday 6 June 2016

The 169th Annual General Meeting of The EIS will take place in Dundee this week. Teachers and Lecturers from across Scotland will gather at the Caird Hall for the 3-day event to debate the key issues facing Scottish education.

The final AGM order of business and Motions for debate have been published on the EIS website. The EIS, which represents 80% of Scotland’s teachers and lecturers, is the oldest teaching union in the world and one of the most globally respected voices in education.

This year’s AGM will debate 61 Motions and 1 Emergency Motion on a range of issues including: tackling the attainment gap; the National Improvement Framework and plans for Standardised Assessment; the bureaucracy attached to National qualifications; budgets and investment in education; the impact of poverty on education; reducing excessive pupil and teacher workload.

The AGM, which runs from Thursday to Saturday, will feature keynote addresses by EIS President Pat Flanagan (Thursday, 1430hrs) and General Secretary Larry Flanagan (Friday 1200hrs).

On Saturday morning, EIS members will hear directly from the Scottish Government’s Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, who was recently appointed as Cabinet Secretary for Education.

Following Mr Swinney’s speech (Saturday, 1030hrs), teachers and lecturers will have the opportunity to ask direct questions to the Deputy First Minister from the floor of the AGM.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The AGM is the sovereign decision making body of Scotland’s largest teaching union, and its decisions will shape EIS policy priorities for the year ahead.

"There are many important issues to be discussed regarding Scottish education, and we welcome that the Cabinet Secretary has accepted an invitation to speak, listen and engage with EIS members at the AGM.

"Mr Swinney’s appearance is sure to prompt some interesting questioning from teachers and lecturers and spark wider political debate on the Scottish Government’s plans for enhancing support for our schools, colleges and universities.”

Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills John Swinney said,

"It is my firm priority to ensure every young person in Scotland has the opportunity to achieve and prosper through their education, no matter their background. Teachers are critical to helping us achieve this ambition. 

"Since becoming Education Secretary I have spoken directly to many teachers working across all stages of education about the key issues and challenges they are facing – and the measures that could support them.

"I have taken steps to address issues around workload, to help streamline unit assessments in national qualifications, and to ensure that teachers have clarity around what is expected of them.

"I look forward to engaging with EIS members this week about this government’s determination to achieve excellence and equity in attainment, and hearing more from teachers about how we can take forward this mission together.”