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Education Delivery Plan - EIS comment

Tuesday 28 June 2016
Commenting on the Deputy First Minister's statement regarding the publication of the Scottish Government's Education Delivery plan, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

"The Cabinet Secretary has recognised that there is a need to cut bureaucracy and reduce excessive workload to free teachers up to teach and to concentrate on initiatives that can have a positive impact on attainment. The emphasis on streamlining CfE and de-cluttering the primary curriculum will also be welcomed by teachers."

"The EIS welcomes the Scottish Government's commitment to continued investment in the Scottish Attainment Challenge, and the continuing focus on targeting the poverty-related attainment gap. Similar initiatives in other countries have demonstrated that additional investment in teaching and support staff, and the deployment of additional targeted resources, are key to tackling lower attainment associated with poverty. The EIS is encouraged by the Cabinet Secretary's emphasis on the need to invest in teachers to ensure they are highly qualified and empowered within their school."

"The EIS will study the proposals regarding the review of school governance and funding closely, and will play an active part in this debate. If these proposals are about enhancing support for schools, and ensuring that teachers have a fair say in the allocation of resources for learning and teaching, then this will be welcome. However, if there is any suggestion of centralising control of schools and reducing the role of democratically elected local authorities in running education, that would be an issue of huge concern for the teaching profession."

"There are challenging timescales outlined in these proposals and schools need to be able to plan ahead. The Plan has been published when schools are closed for summer and next year's school improvement plans are already agreed. There is a risk of repeating previous errors of making high level statements but not allowing schools the time to consider them. The EIS would also caution against the notion of externally set targets being a successful approach to school empowerment."

To access the Scottish Government's Education Delivery plan, click here