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Edinburgh College Lecturers to Strike Over Colleague’s Dismissal

Edinburgh College lecturers will go on strike tomorrow because they believe that one of their colleagues has been sacked unfairly via a flawed disciplinary process that relied on anonymous complaints.

Following lengthy discussions with college management in an attempt to reach a resolution, the EIS balloted members in the college for industrial action. That ballot returned a 76% vote in favour of industrial action in support of the dismissed lecturer.

EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The EIS-FELA branch in Edinburgh College is taking this action in support of their colleague, following many months of fruitless discussions with college management over this dismissal.

"With no other option left open to us, staff requested an industrial action ballot from the EIS which resulted in a 76% vote in favour of industrial action.”

Edinburgh College Branch Secretary Penny Gower said, "The first day of strike action takes place tomorrow, on Thursday 2nd March, when lecturers will be on picket lines across Edinburgh College campuses. Lecturers will also arrive at the Scottish Parliament at 12pm tomorrow to meet families, supporters, students and MSPs.

"We are hopeful that Edinburgh College will acknowledge the strength of feeling amongst lecturing staff, pull back from the brink, and return this lecturer to the classroom where he belongs.”