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EIS Highlights Continuing Importance of Teacher-Led Nursery Education

23 March 2017

The EIS has responded to the Scottish Government’s announcement of a new funding model for the expansion of Early Learning and Childcare.

The EIS welcomes the expansion of funded early learning and childcare, and has emphasised the importance of teacher-led nursery education in all local authorities across the country.

General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The EIS welcomes the additional investment that the Scottish Government has committed to the expansion of Early Learning and Childcare across Scotland.

"While the EIS understands that the Scottish Government has chosen to emphasise the importance of flexibility in a range of provision, we are clear that the delivery of high-quality early years education – led by professionally qualified teachers – must remain central to the delivery of the expanded entitlement in all local authority areas.

"While some parents may wish to take advantage of alternative provision for a range of reasons, it is essential that local authority nurseries can offer a high-quality educational experience to all those who wish to access it. This will require substantial additional investment from the Scottish Government and local authorities.”

Mr Flanagan added, "The EIS welcomes that the Scottish Government has also taken action to ensure that all private childcare providers can pay the living wage to their employees.

"While this does raise questions as to why public money should be allocated to subsidise the staffing costs of profit-making private sector providers, it will nevertheless be welcomed by the many low-paid workers – most often women – working in the private childcare sector.”