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EIS Welcomes Positive Report on Quality of Scottish Education

The EIS has welcomed a major new report which confirms the many strengths of Scottish education and highlights the continuing improvements that are being delivered to pupils’ learning experiences.

The report, from Education Scotland, also touches on challenges that continue to face the education system – including the negative impact of poverty on attainment and the difficulties created by austerity budgets.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "This report is a substantial piece of work, which highlights the continuing strengths of Scotland’s education system including the very high levels of commitment that are demonstrated by Scotland’s teachers.

"It confirms the importance of high quality nursery education led by qualified teachers, it emphasises the quality of the educational experience in primary schools while acknowledging the need for the curriculum to be de-cluttered, and it highlights the strong working relationships between teachers and pupils in secondary schools while confirming the challenges of curricular change and qualifications reform.”

He continued, "The EIS has a strong view, however, that Education Scotland itself has to be more proactive in supporting schools and teachers. Criticism has been voiced by many members, for example, about poor support and a lack of communication around the introduction of new national qualifications.

"As a well-funded agency it needs to deliver that crucial support as well as provide a critical voice to Government policy making, which should be evidenced based at all times. One thing that is very clear throughout the report is the degree of change compared to the scale of cuts throughout education, and this will continue to create challenges until the politics of austerity cease and education budgets are substantially increased.”

Mr Flanagan added, "Overall, this is a positive report which confirms the many strengths of Scottish education – such as its highly inclusive nature – while also acknowledging difficulties such as the challenge of austerity budgets and the devastating impact that high levels of poverty are having on too many young people across Scotland.”