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Colleges Scotland Peddling "Alternative Facts" on FE Pay Agreement

The EIS has today highlighted documentation which confirms that Colleges Scotland is attempting to use "alternative facts” to rewrite the history of the March 2016 NJNC Agreement.

Following EIS industrial action in pursuit of the 2015-16 pay claim, an agreement was made in March 2016 by the Management Side (representing colleges) and the EIS representing lecturing staff.

In exchange for the March 2016 NJNC Agreement, College management received agreement from the EIS that it would halt its sustained programme of industrial action.

The NJNC Agreement was never set out as a self-financing Agreement – lecturers were not agreeing to worsen their conditions in exchange for equal pay across the sector. It is also worth noting that the £40,026 salary was simply levelling up to highest paying colleges – and therefore will not be a pay-rise for some lecturers, and for others the pay rise will be small. 

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "It is deeply regrettable that the organisation representing college management, Colleges Scotland, has recently been relying on an unnamed spokesperson to peddle ‘alternative facts’ about the March 2016 NJNC pay agreement.

"Even in this post-truth era - where the promotion of fake news has been adopted at some of the highest levels of government - Colleges Scotland’s attempts to retrospectively rewrite agreements that they entered into and to ignore formally minuted decisions and statements that they agreed to are completely unacceptable.”

Mr Flanagan added, "The EIS is stating today, very clearly and on the record, that the NJNC March 2016 Agreement and associated minutes confirm that the pay elements agreed in March 2016 were never contingent on agreeing changes to conditions of service.

"All attempts by Colleges Scotland, through their unnamed spokesperson, to refute this fact are doomed to failure and undoubtedly contributed to the resounding vote for a return to strike action by FE lecturers.”

Three pieces of documentary evidence support the fact that pay and conditions were not linked in the NJNC agreement.; Firstly, the different implementation dates on the Agreement; secondly the approved minute of the NJNC meeting of the 9 June 2016; and thirdly the NJNC agreed Roadmap with two separate work-streams for pay and conditions. Copies of these documents are attached, for information.