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Colleges Scotland Spin Attempts to Mislead on Lecturers' Pay Agreement

Thursday 20 April 2017

The EIS has slammed Colleges Scotland’s claim that the EIS is blocking the delivery of a fair pay agreement for Further Education Lecturers.

Lecturers have been waiting more than a year for College Management to deliver a binding agreement including the introduction of national pay scales to ensure that lecturers across Scotland are paid the same amount for doing the same job.

Lecturers will strike on Thursday next week in the first day of a continuing and escalating programme of strike action.

The EIS has this morning agreed to the employers’ request for unconditional talks at ACAS. The EIS is disappointed that Colleges Scotland has issued a media release seeking to portray this potentially positive move as "EIS standing in way of 9% pay rise.”

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "It is deeply regrettable that the organisation representing college management, Colleges Scotland, continues to rely on an unnamed spokesperson to peddle ‘alternative facts’ about the current ongoing discussions, the EIS position and the March 2016 NJNC agreement.

"Even in this post-truth era - where the promotion of fake news has been adopted at some of the highest levels of government - Colleges Scotland’s attempts to retrospectively rewrite history are shameful.”

EIS-FELA President John Kelly added, "As FE Lecturers, we know full well what was in the deal that was agreed to last year. We have voted overwhelmingly for a return to strike action due to the refusal of College Management to deliver that deal, which they freely entered into last year.

"This latest mendacious publicity from Colleges Scotland – once again issued through an unnamed spokesperson -  will only strengthen lecturers’ resolve to stand firm against management’s attempts to renege on the 2016 NJNC agreement.”

Colleges Scotland’s press release – which, quite incredibly, was released during this morning’s meeting -  is factually incorrect and puts a negative spin on something which should have been a good news story.

This illustrates the difficulties the EIS has had with dealing with Colleges Scotland– with that organisation saying positive things to the EIS in a meeting whilst simultaneously issuing an entirely negative press release.

The EIS is not striking to get more money. The EIS is striking to get the binding Agreement made last March implemented – the amounts of money involved have already been agreed.

The EIS has already demonstrated compromise in the negotiations with Colleges Scotland, negotiations that have already agreed national pay scales, pay migration and harmonisation and most national conditions of service.