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College Management refuses to Honour Pay & Conditions Deal

25 April 2017

The EIS spent 9 hours at ACAS talks with FE College Management representatives on Tuesday 25th April 2017. 

We attended these talks in good faith and committed to seeking to resolve the current dispute.  However, we were met with more management intransigence.

Despite the best efforts of ACAS and EIS negotiators we made no progress and as a result our strike on Thursday 27th April 2017 goes ahead.

To be clear, the management side and the Scottish Government have assured us that the money for the equal pay deal has been "banked”, this dispute is not about affordability, but about management attempting to rewrite the NJNC Agreement of March 2016 to worsen terms and conditions. 

Management wish to reduce the preparation time lecturers have to get ready for classes.  We cannot accept their attempts to reduce the quality of learning in colleges and increase workload pressures on lecturers.  This was never and is not part of the agreement signed up for last year.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "It is deeply regrettable that the organisation representing college management, Colleges Scotland, continues to rely on an unnamed spokesperson to peddle ‘alternative facts’ about the current ongoing discussions, the EIS position and the March 2016 NJNC agreement.

"EIS negotiators entered into today’s talks, under the auspices of ACAS, in good faith but were met with yet more management intransigence.

"Management have, once again, refused to honour the deal they signed up to a year ago and so the planned strike for Thursday will go ahead as scheduled.”

He added, "Despite what Colleges Scotland are claiming, through their unnamed spokesperson, the EIS is not striking to get more money.

"The EIS is striking to get the binding Agreement made last March implemented – the amounts of money involved have already been agreed, and the funding is sitting in college bank accounts.

"The EIS has already demonstrated compromise in the negotiations with Colleges Scotland, negotiations that have already agreed national pay scales, pay migration and harmonisation and most national conditions of service. This dispute could be settled by management simply delivering what they already agreed to last year.”

At today’s meeting, no substantial new offer was put on the table by management. The EIS is concerned that management viewed today’s ACAS talks purely as a delaying tactic.

The EIS is always willing to talk and has offered further negotiations, and awaits a management response.