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EIS Calls for "Vote for Education" in Council Elections Across Scotland

Thursday 4 May 2017

The EIS has called for voters to use their vote in today’s local authority elections to support high-quality education provision in their community.

Education is one of the main services provided through local authorities – councils are the employers of teachers and support staff, and are responsible for providing core funding and support for schools in the local authority area.

The EIS, which is not affiliated to any political party, is not recommending who individual voters should support but is asking all voters to consider candidates’ education policies when deciding how to vote.

The EIS published its own Manifesto for Education for the local authority elections, which is available online and which sets out key EIS priorities for education in the years ahead.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "It is unfortunate that these important local authority elections have been somewhat overshadowed by the unexpected launch of a full UK General Election campaign.

"However, these elections are extremely important for communities across Scotland and will shape the delivery of vital local services, including education provision, right across the country.

"The EIS would urge all voters to consider each candidate’s and party’s policies on education before deciding how to vote.”

Mr Flanagan added, "The past few years have been a very challenging time for education across Scotland, with cuts to staffing, budgets and resources.

"We have seen significant reductions in particular areas of education, including cuts to Additional Support Needs provision and growing threats to important areas of the curriculum such as Instrumental Music.

"Added to this, the current negotiations on teachers’ pay – which has declined significantly in real terms over the past decade – have been delayed by the elections and the likely change in ruling administrations in some Councils.

"The local authority elections will have an impact on all of these, and more, education issues so it is extremely important that people consider education when voting.”