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Massive Support for FE Lecturers' Strike Continues to Urge Colleges to 'Honour the Deal'

Wednesday 3 May 2017

Thousands of Further Education Lecturers in colleges across Scotland were on strike for a second day over the refusal of College Management to honour a deal on pay and conditions that was reached more than a year ago.

Support for the strike has been overwhelming, with picket lines in place at colleges across Scotland.

The agreement promised equal pay for lecturers in all colleges and national terms and conditions, following years of pay inequity for lecturers doing the same jobs in different colleges.

Over 500 people - lecturers, students, fraternal and sororal trade unionists, politicians and other supporters - rallied in George Square in Glasgow, urging college managers to honour the deal and calling on the Scottish Government to intervene to compel colleges to meet their obligations.

EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "It is likely that the intervention of the Scottish Government will be necessary to compel college management to meet their obligations to lecturers and students.

"Lecturers do not want to strike, but have been forced into this action by the refusal of management to honour the NJNC agreement that was reached over a year ago. All that lecturers are asking for is for that deal to be honoured.”

Mr Flanagan added, "Colleges Scotland repeatedly claimed that the agreement was unaffordable.

"This was untrue, as Margaret Cook of Colleges Scotland admitted in a BBC television interview last week when she said, ‘We have the money to pay the pay award – that is not an issue.’

"This was a welcome, though long overdue, admission from Colleges Scotland that they are choosing to withhold the pay element of a deal agreed over a year ago.

"It is not that the deal is unaffordable, it is a matter of Colleges electing to renege on what they agreed. It is time for Colleges Scotland to stop the spin and honour the deal that they signed – and it is time for the Scottish Government to ensure that colleges deliver this commitment.”

At a meeting today, the EIS made a revised proposal to college management which they have agreed to consider.

The EIS also offered further talks tomorrow (Thursday), which the management has now accepted, and the EIS has also offered to continue negotiations on Friday.