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EIS Disappointed in Continuing Management Intransigence - FE Strikes to Continue Next Week

Friday 12 May 2017

Following 10 hours of talks negotiations between the EIS and Colleges Scotland have failed to produce a resolution with the management side leaving discussions during an adjournment.

The EIS tabled further proposals in an attempt to break the deadlock but management seemed to have moved back from the more positive position they had presented on Wednesday.

Commenting following the meeting EIS General Secretary, Larry Flanagan, said, "We are bitterly disappointed that progress has not been made in these discussion as we had hoped that a breakthrough might be possible based on previous progress.

"Management, however, reverted to simply reheating previously rejected proposals. It is clear that some elements of the management side simply wish to scupper the return to national collective bargaining, an SNP manifesto commitment.

"Others wish to increase the number of teaching hours whilst cutting holidays so that they can cut jobs. The EIS will not accept either scenario.”

He added, "Strike action for next week is set to go ahead. The EIS regrets the impact this is having on students. We believe that Scottish Government cannot sit back and see its commitment to national bargaining undermined in this manner.”

Responding to comments from Colleges Scotland this evening, Mr Flanagan added, "Despite Colleges’ Scotland’s claims, there is no current ‘offer’ from them on lecturers’ pay.

"The equal pay element of this deal was agreed more than a year ago, in the March 2016 NJNC agreement. There is no ‘offer’ on pay – there is an agreement on pay which Colleges Scotland are refusing to honour. This is an important distinction which needs to be emphasised.”

"The EIS made a number of offers, and has shown considerable movement, on the issue of terms and conditions in recent talks. The management have shown no movement and no willingness to compromise at all.”

"Lecturers are keen to return to working normally and get back to the job that they want to do - serving students and the community in the provision of a quality educational experience. It is a great shame that Colleges Scotland is not adopting a similar approach.”