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The EIS Rejects Proposals for Diluting Professional Standards

Friday 02 June 2017 

The EIS has responded to reports the Scottish Government is looking at a new route into teaching which allows candidates to bypass universities.

EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "There continues to be a very high level of support from parents and teachers that all young people, no matter what their background, have equal access to a quality educational experience delivered by fully qualified GTCS registered teachers."

Mr Flanagan continued. "We strongly oppose any approach which places delivering education cheaply above guaranteeing quality education provision for all Scotland’s young people."

"The EIS does not support any erosion of that provision nor does it believe that placing unqualified graduates in schools will lead to better or more equal outcomes for those children."

"We are aware that school staffing is an issue across the whole of Scotland, and is a particular challenge in certain parts of the country."

"It is therefore essential we continue to enhance the status of teaching to make it an even more attractive career choice for highly qualified graduates."

Mr Flanagan added, "No one can teach in an LA in Scotland without being registered with the GTCS and to do this you must have a degree and appropriate teaching qualification."

"Given the high standards we all place on GTCS standards and the level of professionalism of the teaching profession of Scotland we do not consider that organisations such as Teach First should be involved in Scottish Education."

"They have been rebuffed by Scottish Government in the past and any change in that position would be a betrayal of the high professional standards we operate in Scotland."