Pride Film

Created on: 06 Jul 2022 | Last modified: 26 Jul 2022

This Pride month, EIS reaffirmed our commitment to LGBT Inclusive Education, nearly a year on from the rollout in Scotland  #takeprideinteaching

“The single voice is a whisper, but when you are many voices in a union, it’s a roar”.

An increase in attacks on the LGBT community, across the world, show that we cannot afford to take our foot of the pedal. In this video, members of the EIS LGBT Network talk about the importance of LGBT equality in education and the vital role of teachers #takeprideinteaching 

During Pride Month, we launched our survey of a selection of our membership asking about the implementation of LGBT Inclusive Education in their schools, since the rollout last year. If the survey is in your inbox, please take the time to add your perspective as this will help us tailor support and guidance. #Pride #LGBTInclusiveEducation #takeprideinteaching