Motions and Amendments


29. Council 

"That this AGM resolve to incorporate the conclusions of STUC's 'Agenda for Rebuilding Collective Prosperity' into our ongoing campaign on the impact of poverty on education." 


30. Council

"That this AGM instruct Council to: 

a) investigate and report on gender balance for SQA subjects at each presentation level over the past five years;

b) raise awareness of the disadvantage that gender stereotyping can generate when young people are making subject choices within and before entry in the Senior Phase;

c) investigate and report on existing relevant research and initiatives focusing on gender stereotyping and subject choice."


31. Council

"That this AGM resolve to:

a) raise awareness of the dangers of promoting misogynistic attitudes amongst children and young people, especially through the use of social media and

b) investigate and report on effective strategies used to combat misogynistic attitudes."


32. Glasgow Local Association

"That this AGM deplore the scapegoating and negative stereotyping of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK by sections of the media and some politicians. It instructs Council to organise a publicity campaign in the media to help promote a more positive view of immigration, refugees and asylum seekers."