The Educational Institute of Scotland welcomes today’s announcement by the Scottish Government that Primary Schools will be granted an additional in-service day for Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) development. 

The announcement, which comes on the first day of the EIS Annual General Meeting in Perth, brings Primary Schools onto an equal footing with the Secondary sector where an additional CfE in-service day has already been granted.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The EIS has been a consistent voice calling for an additional in-service day for the Primary Sector for some time, so this announcement will be welcomed by the teachers gathering in Perth for our AGM today and by teaching colleagues across the country. 

"It will also be welcomed by the National Parent Forum which had also raised concerns over CfE support on behalf of the parents of primary-aged children. 

"The often inadequate level of support for CfE development is the subject of a significant number of Motions to this year’s EIS AGM so the announcement of an additional in-service day, which will bring primary schools in line with secondary school in-service levels, is a small but significant step in the right direction.”

Mr Flanagan added, "In recent months, much of the political focus has been on the Secondary sector and, in particular, the senior phase with the introduction of the new National qualifications. 

"However, the EIS has always been very clear that everything in the Primary sector is not ‘sorted’ with regard to CfE and so it is essential that Primary teachers should have the same right to adequate in-service opportunities and CfE development time as their colleagues in the Secondary sector.”