"That this AGM welcome the initiative taken by South Lanarkshire College to provide free sanitary products to both staff and students. 

AGM request that Council investigate the cost and availability of sanitary provision in schools and colleges and pursue a campaign to highlight good practice such as South Lanarkshire College, and to demand that this extend to all schools and colleges.” 


52. Council 

"That this AGM instruct Council to refresh EIS advice on Islamophobia, taking into account political and legal developments since the last iteration of our advice on Islamophobia.”  


53. EIS-FELA & Glasgow Local Association

"That this AGM request Council to undertake and report on a survey of all EIS members on teachers’ and lecturers’ direct or indirect experiences of Racism and Islamophobia.

Further, That this AGM, in the face of the increased victimisation and demonisation of Muslims in society, call on Council to campaign:

(a) In support of members challenging Islamophobia, including verbal and physical abuse, in Scottish schools and Further Education colleges;

(b) to defend the right of pupils, students and staff in schools and Further Education colleges to experience education in an environment that is free from Islamophobic behaviour whether verbal or physical.” 


54. Glasgow Local Association

"That this AGM call on Council to promote and re-establish Anti-Racist Education firmly in the curriculum for every year group and sector; including training for all teachers and lecturers in light of the current political climate and as a way to tackle the rise in Racism.

Further, that this AGM call on Council to investigate and report the number of racist incidents that occur in Scottish schools.  The evidence should then be used to inform the EIS campaign for appropriate anti-racist education in all schools.”


55. Council

"That this AGM call on Council to:

(a) hold a series of exploratory discussions with Initial Teacher Education (ITE) providers and the General Teaching Council for Scotland, to investigate the ways in which equality matters are addressed within ITE programmes, including whether there is coverage of all protected characteristics in all programmes, and whether equality matters are covered by compulsion or on an opt-in basis; and

(b) develop recommendations for partners regarding enhancing current provision of equalities education for teachers, both through ITE and through ongoing Professional Learning.”   


56. Aberdeen Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to survey members to provide evidence of the level of LGBT specific training they have received in the last 5 years and what training opportunities around LGBT exist within their local authority.”

Amendment - EIS-FELA

Add after LGBT "+”

Amendment - EIS-FELA

Insert at end of motion "or delivered by college employers” 


57. Orkney Local Association

"That this AGM should campaign for Local Authorities to provide regular training in Equality legislation for all school staff.” 


58. Renfrewshire Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to continue to highlight the impact of poverty on a child’s educational progress.” 


59. South Lanarkshire Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to investigate the possibility of creating an EIS ‘Poverty-Proofing’ award which can be awarded to schools and other education establishments which have demonstrated they have taken steps to address the impacts of child and student poverty.”

Amendment – Edinburgh Local Association

Insert "and report on” between "…to investigate” and "the possibility…”




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