SNCT Promoted post sizing and resizing

The job sizing toolkit is available on the SNCT website and may be downloaded from there. The job size is determined by a wide range of factors including whole school data. It should be noted that a banding system is used with, for example, school roll bands set as: up to 50, 51-100, 101-250, 251-500, 501-750, 751-1000, 1001-1250, 1251-1500, 1501 or over.

All promoted posts were sized in 2003 (or when they were created) and are resized only if they meet the SNCT resizing criteria.

The SNCT process for resizing allows resizing at two points in the year and the resizing may be initiated by the Authority or by the postholder. However, the resizing will only proceed if the resizing criteria are met. It should be noted that these criteria can be quite broad. For example school roll changes must be +/-100 pupils or 10% which leads to a roll band change (see above for bands).

Aberdeenshire resizing

Previously, Aberdeeenshire has only initiated a resizing of a post where they became vacant since most existing postholders were lifetime conserved. From June 2013, they will do an annual check and initiate a resizing of posts in schools where the resizing criteria on whole school data are met. Since some posts have not been sized since 2003 and others have been sized more recently, that does not mean all posts in a school will need resizing.

Resizing a post does not necessarily mean it will move to a different salary point. Each salary point covers a band of job sized scores

The new salary point would apply from the 1st August or 1st February and any increase would be paid from then and any decrease would start the period of cash conservation.

Cash Conservation

Where a post is resized down then the SNCT arrangements (para 1.63 to 1.71) for conservation would apply - essentially if you were appointed to a post after 1 April 2001, you would be entitled to cash conservation for 3 years and if appointed to your post before 1 April 2001 (formerly life time conserved) you are entitled to cash conservation to the later of 31 March 2016 or 3 years from the date of the resizing taking effect. For example, if resized for 1st Aug 2013 then you would be cash conserved until 31st July 2016.

Cash conservation means that you do not get any pay rise until such time as the job sized salary point overtakes your cash conserved salary. If at the end of the conservation period, that has not happended then you drop to the job sized salary.

Faculties and "legacy" PTs.

See section on Faculties for full details and implications of resizing for PT Subjects within a Faculty or "legacy" PTs with Aberdeenshire