The 2018 AGM passed the following resolution:

"That this AGM call on EIS to demand training and support for all teachers and associated professionals in order to address the impact of the increasing number of pupils with social, emotional and mental health issues being accommodated within schools."

This was timely, give that in Autumn 2018, Audit Scotland reported that one in ten children and young people aged five to 16 has a clinically diagnosable mental illness; and that there has been a 22% increase in the number of referrals received by specialist services since 2013/14 .

The EIS took forward a number of actions in relation to this resolution, and reported back to the 2019 AGM.  We were mindful during our campaigning that any training for teachers aimed at enabling them to better support pupils with social, emotional and mental health issues must recognise the limits of the teacher’s role. There will always be a need for qualified and extensively trained mental health professionals to be the lead specialists in this area. It is the EIS view that children presently have too little access to mental health professionals.

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If you have any questions about or comment on this report, please contact Christina Starko in the Education and Equality Department.