ASL: Survey of Local Authorities

Created on: 10 May 2019 | Last modified: 04 Apr 2023

Additional Support for Learning (ASL) provision has been the subject of intense scrutiny in Scotland in recent years.

Of particular interest to EIS members are the ways in which ASL provision has changed over the past decade, and the reasons for these changes.

In response to a motion to our National Council, the EIS commissioned research on the different criteria currently used by Local Authorities to establish students' entitlement to learning support; changes to these criteria over time; and variations in these criteria per authority.

The research was conducted by the University of Aberdeen. In summary the research identified variations between local authorities in how they have chosen to enact new policies on inclusion.

If you have any questions about or comment on this research, please contact Andy Harvey, National Officer (Education).

Read the Executive Summary of the report.