September 2020 Guidance on COVID-19

Created on: 18 Sep 2020 | Last modified: 26 Apr 2023

At the last minute, the Scottish Government decided to merge guidance documents about the safe opening of campuses and accommodation blocks for the FE & HE sectors, into one document.

We were given limited time to comment on this document but had been involved in writing some of the pre-existing guidance that has been incorporated into this version

There is also a helpful Risk Assessment Tool, which can be found here.

EIS branches and Health and Safety Reps are working hard to ensure Campuses are as safe and Covid secure as possible, but it is not the case that there is zero risk.

Please follow the guidance, wear masks in communal areas, physically distance to at least 2m wherever that is possible and observe good hand hygiene. If you have any specific concerns in your College, please contact your local branch rep without delay.