The EIS believes that anti-racist education should permeate the curriculum in all learning establishments and should be seen as a fundamental part of the learning and teaching process.

All pupils should be taught the importance of valuing every member of society as part of their citizenship education.

It is also vital that young people learn more about the contributions made by people who have been overlooked and under-valued, usually because they belong to oppressed groups. The film ‘Hidden Figures’ made a powerful case for recognising the work of Black women who were integral to the success of the NASA space programme but who had been discriminated against because of deeply ingrained societal racism and sexism, acting in powerful combination.  We think there are many other ‘hidden figures’ (and many who are more well-known) who should be spoken about and celebrated in schools.

Each week of Black History Month (October) we will highlight using social media (see @EISUnion on Twitter) examples of figures who have made important contributions to the expressive arts, sciences, languages, mathematics, etc, and who schools may wish to introduce to pupils in their everyday teaching, as a means of reinforcing that people from all backgrounds have contributed richly to our world.

To find out more about Black History Month, visit Black History Month UK.

To find out about events taking place in Scotland, see

To find out which people the EIS will be highlighting…watch this space during October 2018