2nd March 2023

Created on: 02 Mar 2023 | Last modified: 09 Nov 2023

Pay Attention


A very brief update following today's meeting of the SNCT, Extended Joint Chairs:

  • Following some useful informal discussions this week that took us within touching distance of a possible settlement, it is now for the Scottish Government and COSLA to deliver a new pay offer that could get an agreement over the line.
  • The Teachers' Side is now awaiting written confirmation of a proposed new pay offer to teachers, following a meeting of COSLA Leaders tomorrow afternoon.
  • Once we have a revised offer in writing, our democratic processes will get underway with members elected to our Salaries Committee considering any new offer, and thereafter, members elected to our Executive Committee considering any implications for the current programme of strike action.
  • The EIS has made provision for special meetings of our Salaries and Executive Committees late tomorrow afternoon, to allow for consideration of any new offer that comes.
  • We are hopeful that any new offer will be one that the EIS can credibly consult members on.

This week's progress in negotiations has been as a direct result of the strike action that EIS members have taken during this campaign for fair pay so far.

In solidarity

Andrea Bradley,
General Secretary