SQA changes to N5 Computing, Biology and Physics

Created on: 15 May 2017 | Last modified: 30 Jun 2020

EIS HQ has responded to a large number of member workload concerns related to recently published details of changes to assessment, which were anticipated, and to course specifications, which were not, for National 5 Computing, Physics and Biology.

The SQA had indicated previously that there would be no changes to course content as a consequence of the removal of mandatory units.

In light of the increased demands on teacher time to make adjustments to course plans and teaching materials in the subjects listed, the General Secretary has written to the Deputy First Minister raising the issue in the context of requesting at least one additional in-service day to create time for all sectors to address issues relating to assessment in their respective contexts.

A letter of complaint has also been sent to the Chief Executive of the SQA.

At local level, members are reminded that advice related to NQ-generated workload in all subjects remains in force: all such work must be costed and must have the requisite time allocated from the Working Time Agreement to it.

Where there is no remaining time available within the WTA, Headteachers, with support from local authorities as necessary, are required to provide additional time by, for example, providing cover or relieving teachers of other duties.

Teachers are not to be expected to undertake development work outwith the 35 hour working week.