EIS Organisers

Created on: 12 Sep 2016 | Last modified: 25 Apr 2024

The work of EIS Organisers focuses on the recruitment and retention of members and developing wider membership engagement in the union.

This work includes support for student members; encouraging the involvement of newly qualified teachers; organising and developing training for EIS Reps as well as promoting the EIS at conferences and events.

As well as recruitment, the Organisers can assist Local Associations to develop and deliver bespoke trade-union training/learning events. 

EIS Organisers work closely with Local Associations, College Branches and University Branches. 

Part of their role is also to support the EIS campaigning agenda; they help communicate key campaign and policy messages to members in their workplaces. 

Organiser Support:

Please select the Local association, College or University to identify your EIS Organiser.