Realising the EIS Vision of the Empowered School: The role of collegiate decision making

At the EIS Professional Learning Conference 2020, EIS Organisers Ruth Winters and Suki Sangha led a workshop on the role of collegiate decision making in realising empowerment.

This well attended workshop explored the importance of decision making, both individual and collective in order to realise the EIS vision of an empowered school.

Participants took part in discussions around their understanding and experience of collegiality, with many noting that their interpretation of collegiality has often been shaped by their workplace culture and professional conditioning.

Participants recognised the need to build individual and collective responsibility around actively participating in the decision-making processes which shape their working lives.

Participants shared updates on how the 'Time to Tackle Workload' campaign is progressing in their schools. A number of members shared positive stories around movement being made already around reducing workload.

However, for those in the room who had experienced less progress, the others were able to share ideas and provide a positive and aspirational edge to the process. The session was rounded up with a stirring commitment from all involved to use their voices, their power and influence to make a difference.

The session was ended with a quote from poet June Jordan- "We are the ones we have been waiting for".

Further details of this campiagn, including resrouces and guides for building collegiate pratices in schools, can be found on the EIS website.

Empowerment Presentation Slide