Inclusive Education: Supporting LGBT Young People with Stonewall Scotland

At the EIS Professional Learning Event 'Taking Pride in Teaching LGBT+ Young People', Stonewall Scotland Empowerment Programmes Officer Cat Telford provided an interactive, hour long workshop around Inclusive Education.

Stonewall offer a range of free and member only resources, including policy guides, videos, promotional materials, and books to support the development and delivery of LGBT+ education. 

Inclusive Education Workshop

Key learning from the workshop were:

  • We need a shared language we all understand and respect in order to have inclusive chats about LGBT+.
  • It is important to recognise intersecting discrimination, for example, sexism and race.
  • Think about the representation of groups around the classroom – e.g. posters, example questions, and how LGBT is visible in the learning area.
  • It is important to visibly stand up to bullying. With the understanding a lot is done behind the scenes, it is beneficial for young people to witness immediate actions.

Click the slide below to access the workshop presentation.

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