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We are looking at different ways of persuading CEC not to proceed with its proposal to remove nursery teachers from nursery classes, and nursery headteachers from standalone nurseries. As you can imagine, given the timeframes, this is a very rapidly evolving situation.  A planning meeting was held on Monday 28th January to take ideas forward and future lobbies and meetings planned:

Write to your Councillor

One of the most important and useful things any Edinburgh resident who is worried about this proposal can do is write to their local councillors to ask them not to back this idea.  You can find out who your councillor is by going to .  The best letters/emails are ones that give personal views on why you think this is a bad idea (maybe from your experience of what a nursery teacher did for your children, or what you know about the special role of nursery teachers in supporting early years education) but if you click on some of the links on this page, you can get some ideas that might help you get started.  Edinburgh has a long, proud tradition of high quality early years provision, and it has led developments in Scotland, and beyond, for over a century.  We do not want this excellence to be lost because of short-term budget pressures – councillors need to hear that view from many different people.

Lobby of Finance and Resources 14th February

Please come along if you can, we will be outside the City Chamber from 8.30am.

Lobby of CEC full Council meeting on Thursday 20th February

This is where the budget will be set. We will want to lobby this meeting, and make a deputation. If you don’t work on a Thursday, please try to come along.

Many thanks