21st November 2013

Commenting on the Scottish Government's publication of Guidance on the Safe and Responsible use of Mobile Technology in Schools today, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

"Mobile technology such as smart-phones and tablets can offer educational benefits and open up exciting learning opportunities for pupils, but it is essential that this is used appropriately within the school environment."

"This new guidance, which complements existing EIS advice for teaching staff, brings an important national perspective to the issue of safe and responsible use of mobile technology in schools."

"Misuse of mobile technology by pupils, for example to abuse or embarrass another pupil or a member of staff, is a serious issue that causes significant disruption to learning and teaching and can have a severe impact on individuals."

"While mobile technology can be utilised very positively in schools, and often offers a valued sense of additional security for parents, it is essential that there are very clear policies stating what is and is not acceptable use of this technology in the school environment."

Find out more about the Scottish Government's guidelines on safe and responsible use of mobile technology in schools here