The EIS has noted the publication of this year’s Schools Online data by the Scottish Government.

The EIS understands the requirement for such data to be published, but says it should not be abused to construct the type of flawed and damaging ‘league tables’ of schools that have been seen in the past.

Larry Flanagan said, "While there will always be a demand for some type of measure of school performance, the majority of parents know that schools are about far more than simply producing pass marks in exams.

"The online method of publishing school performance data, with a concerted effort to move away from the simplistic and discredited exams 'league-table' approach, was a positive move that was welcomed by teachers, pupils and parents.

"Merely looking at exam results, with no thought given to the particular circumstances in which any school operates, is a flawed approach that produces highly questionable results. 

"The improvements in overall attainment are welcome and are testimony to the committed efforts of both teachers and students. Schools in different communities work to meet the particular needs of those communities, often with significant variations in facilities and resources.

"It is clear, however, that deprivation continues to impact adversely on the attainment of too many pupils and this is an area which needs to be addressed as we move forward towards the new Curriculum for Excellence Senior Phase.

"It is important within that development that we also move away from the flawed target-driven agenda of the past and find better and more appropriate ways to recognise and celebrate all types of pupil achievement."