Blended and Remote Learning

Created on: 21 Dec 2020 | Last modified: 18 Apr 2023

EIS Guidance

The Education Department has produced advice on Blended and Remote Learning to support members as we move to a model of remote delivery at the start of next term. 


For members who want to learn more about the practicalities of delivering learning from remote platforms, our webinar, ‘Blended and Remote Learning – what’s in the mix’ includes presentations on the implementation of the EIS Guidance as well as contributions from Education Scotland on where to access relevant resources to support these models of delivery.


Answers to some of frequently asked questions in relation to remote and blended learning can also be accessed here.


Some exemplars of adjusted timetable approaches are available here.

Professional Learning Resources

Further EIS professional learning resources on teaching during COVID-19 which may also be helpful are:

Further Information

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